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A Shot of Spring

It’s March!  I was chatting with a co-worker the other day, bouncing blog ideas off of her, and she immediately said “Do something about color!  Something to freshen up hair, or maybe fun funky highlights, or tips or just something to break up the monotony of winter!” Touché, co-worker.  Touché.  :) Affinage Colour Dynamics to […]

Keep Hydrated!

We’ve all heard about the importance of keeping your hair hydrated – maintain that moisture! – but it’s helpful to remember that this doesn’t just mean conditioner (though that’s an excellent start!).  Here’s my quick and dirty list of the top 5 things to do to keep yourself hydrated inside out: 1 – Drink water! […]

Better Together

We survived the freeze! …or close enough.  How’d you fair?  I know I’m getting through this weather with generous amounts of chocolate, Netflix, and conditioner.  In 6 months or so I’ll be reminded why it is we call this great state our home, but right now there are moments where it seems unfathomable. While I […]


  • Updo


    Whether you what to go to a special event or getting married we will help you get that perfect updo

  • perfectress

    Hair Extensions

    [New!] PerfecTress hair extensions, a completely re-usable Hair Extension System which can be re-used up to three times after the first application. This means you can wear your human hair extensions for up to one year with proper care and maintenance, thus making them more affordable! Call  to request a consultation. PerfecTress hair extensions Do not damage the natural […]

  • manipedi


    Luxurious nail treatments improve the condition of nails, hands, feet and cuticles. Your choice of Zoya or OPI polish finishes nails with lasting brilliant color.

  • massage


    Whether you’re looking to ease muscle tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility, relieve stress or manage pain, our award-winning massage therapist will provide a personalized consultation and well-being evaluation before prescribing the perfect treatment.

  • Naked_product


    Do you need help finding the right makeup for everyday wear? Have a big event coming up? Whatever the occasion, you can completely trust that our Makeup Artist will transform your look to suit your style.  

  • curlyhair


    Curly or straight, male or female, you will leave the salon with the knowledge and the tools needed to achieve salon-quality results at home. East 42nd Street Salon is Deva inspired, which means our stylists are uniquely skilled to cut, color and care for curly hair.