Where Curly Hair Makes Sense For A Change!

We have changed our name to Twisted Hare Salon and Spa

Our name is changing, but our focus will remain on curly hair
new website: www.thetwistedhare.com

  • Really girls, stop by East 42nd Street Salon and prepare to be amazed.

    — TtScott


Twisted Hare FKA: East 42nd Street Salon

Time to Embrace Your Curls! After 8 ½ years at the current location, the hair salon that was first in the Twin Cities to specialize in curly hair, East 42nd Street Salon is now Twisted Hare. East 42nd Street Salon, named from a previous address, is located at 48th and Nicollet causing a lot of […]

Interview with Lorraine Massey

You never see straight hair on a Botticelli goddess or Rubens angel. But within the last twenty years, lots of people began hiding their curly hair, and hardly anyone talked about it. When we did talk about our curls, we usually didn’t have anything good to say. Those of us with curls used the same […]

Hair Nightmare

It’s Halloween time at the East 42nd Street Salon. Haunted houses or scary movies are scary, but sometimes, a flat iron, an unexpected comb, a fine tooth comb, or a bottle of Aquanet can send chills running down our spines. Turn off the lights, curly haired girls. Gather in a circle, shine a flashlight on […]


  • Updo


    Whether you what to go to a special event or getting married we will help you get that perfect updo

  • perfectress

    Hair Extensions

    [New!] PerfecTress hair extensions, a completely re-usable Hair Extension System which can be re-used up to three times after the first application. This means you can wear your human hair extensions for up to one year with proper care and maintenance, thus making them more affordable! Call  to request a consultation. PerfecTress hair extensions Do not damage the natural […]

  • manipedi


    Luxurious nail treatments improve the condition of nails, hands, feet and cuticles. Your choice of Zoya or OPI polish finishes nails with lasting brilliant color.

  • massage


    Whether you’re looking to ease muscle tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility, relieve stress or manage pain, our award-winning massage therapist will provide a personalized consultation and well-being evaluation before prescribing the perfect treatment.

  • Naked_product


    Do you need help finding the right makeup for everyday wear? Have a big event coming up? Whatever the occasion, you can completely trust that our Makeup Artist will transform your look to suit your style.  

  • curlyhair


    Curly or straight, male or female, you will leave the salon with the knowledge and the tools needed to achieve salon-quality results at home. East 42nd Street Salon is Deva inspired, which means our stylists are uniquely skilled to cut, color and care for curly hair.