Lorraine Massey

East 42nd Street Salon / Teresa Johnson, 612-729-4415 Curls Just Want to Have FUNdraising   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Minneapolis, MN - East 42nd Street Salon (was the first salon in the Twin Cities to specialize in curly hair) is pleased to announce our partnership with Keep a Child Alive and, the original Curly Girl, Lorraine […]

Dealing With Curly Hair As A Child

Pete was a kid in my seventh grade class.  He had a smug grin and a flat-top haircut, and he  took the same bus I did.  One day, as we got off the bus, he gave me an appraising look, shook his head sadly, and said, “Man. Your hair sucks.”   I had no snappy […]

A Shot of Spring

It’s March!  I was chatting with a co-worker the other day, bouncing blog ideas off of her, and she immediately said “Do something about color!  Something to freshen up hair, or maybe fun funky highlights, or tips or just something to break up the monotony of winter!” Touché, co-worker.  Touché.  :) Affinage Colour Dynamics to […]

Keep Hydrated!

We’ve all heard about the importance of keeping your hair hydrated – maintain that moisture! – but it’s helpful to remember that this doesn’t just mean conditioner (though that’s an excellent start!).  Here’s my quick and dirty list of the top 5 things to do to keep yourself hydrated inside out: 1 – Drink water! […]

Better Together

We survived the freeze! …or close enough.  How’d you fair?  I know I’m getting through this weather with generous amounts of chocolate, Netflix, and conditioner.  In 6 months or so I’ll be reminded why it is we call this great state our home, but right now there are moments where it seems unfathomable. While I […]

When it’s cold as Mars…

…it’s time for a pick me up.  This month’s VIP special is perfect for January: a paraffin hand dip.  Ever had one before?  They are divine, on so many levels.  Clean hands are carefully dipped in warmed and melty (not scalding!) paraffin.  The wax cools, and when peeled away, hands are luxuriously moisturized.  No more […]

Less than a week left…

After what feels like feet of snow and an eternity of sub-zero weather (how ever am I going to last this Minnesota winter that’s barely begun), the holiday season is in full swing.  Crafty projects of snowmen and frosty trees are in abundance, presents are being carefully selected, and excitement is reaching an all time […]

Color Me Pretty

So, back in April I was in a play here in the Twin Cities at a well respected theatre.  I had been given the ok to chop off my hair into a pixie, knowing I could always be wigged depending on what the costume designer wanted.  When the time came, the only thing they wanted […]

Deep Conditioning

WINTER.  It’s officially here.  So much so, last Monday’s windchill even required 2 pairs of pants for my walk to work.  Yikes!  And of course, winter means the air is dry dry dry.  Perhaps your hair has already said as much to you.  The first key to happy curls – especially in the winter – […]

DevaCurl Shine Spray

New! DevaCurl Shine Spray

As I’m sure many curly girls are, I used to be a bit of a product junkie.  Always searching for that next “miracle” product that would make my waves and curls do what I wanted them to do rather than fly out in every which way.  And oh, I was an easy target for even the […]