Hair Extensions

[New!] PerfecTress hair extensions, a completely re-usable Hair Extension System which can be re-used up to three times after the first application. This means you can wear your human hair extensions for up to one year with proper care and maintenance, thus making them more affordable! Call  to request a consultation.

PerfecTress hair extensions

  • Do not damage the natural hair
  • Safe to wear
  • Hold securely
  • Easy and fast to fit, a full head typically takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.
  • Easy and fast to remove!!! No residue left in the hair.
  • Can be refitted 3 times after the first fitting.
  • Available in two sizes: Small and Medium.


  • Initial setup $350 (approximately 3 hours) + cost of human hair
  • +$100 per hour for each hour additional hour, if needed
  • Removal $100 per hour

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