Curly Hair


When you have the right cut, tips and tools the daily battle at the mirror becomes a battle you can actually win. So throw out the flat iron along with all the other myths you’ve ever heard about your curls, and let us help you discover the right everything for your hair!


Awaken your inner curl. The journey to your best hair days begins here.



Curly Cuts $45+
Includes: consultation, cleanse, conditioning, styling and finish

The Deva Cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. We cut the hair in its natural form, curl by curl. Curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair according to their individual curl, look and style. Every curly cut comes with a self curl-care lesson to take you beyond the salon. Read More About Curly/Deva Cuts      Book Now   

Detangling Treatment $10+

Sometimes curly hair requires extra time & attention. If you struggle with tangles, chances are a Detangling Treatment will be in order. Detangling Treatments start at $10 and go up from there depending on how long it takes & which stylist you see.

Treatment only $10

Detangling Rate (charged per half hour)

Apprentice $15

Junior $20

Master $25


Includes: consultation, cleanse, conditioning, custom formulation, styling and finish.

Full Color $50+                 Full Foil $65+              Pintura for curly hair $100+

Color Retouch $45+          Partial Foil $45+           Book Now 


What is Pintura?
Deva’s patented, award-winning hair painting technique, both unique and innovative, was designed to replace conventional highlighting. This method captures and defines the movement and dynamism of each curl, allowing the colorist the freedom to trust their own artistic eye, creating the perfect harmony and balance between tone and shape, light and shadow.


3 Step for Curly Hair $35+

Embracing your curls begins with a proven three-step hair care technique: Cleanse. Hydrate. Style. That’s the Deva 3-Step. No matter your curl type: S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli or Corkscrew, doing the Deva 3-Step guarantees naturally gorgeous and frizz free, manageable curls. Book Now


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